Object-oriented software is a network of classes, methods, and fields which developers strive to make maintainable, extensible, and adaptable. However, many .NET developers and organizations have no automated means of assessing large volumes of code against the design and coding values they consider meaningful.

Vil provides metrics, visualization, querying, and analysis of .NET assemblies, classes, and methods for all .NET languages, including C# and Visual Basic.NET. Vil inspects .NET Dll's and Exe's and provides an easy means of rapidly filtering and sorting through thousands of classes and methods in multiple assemblies to find code meeting specific criteria, generate bulk reports, or to help answer questions....
  • Which code most needs a code review, refactoring, or unit tests?
  • Which developers need more mentoring in design and coding practices?

Jan 26, 2006 -
Version 2.0 expected in late February, including support for .Net 2.0.

June 25, 2004 -
Version 1.1 available. Unit Test recognition and XML output!

May 13, 2004 -
v1.0.1 released. Bug fix release.

Apr 8, 2004 -
Version 1.0 available!

Jan 21, 2004 -
Upcoming v1.0 will run on Linux using Mono !

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